Annie's Records

Annie's Records (AR) is a independent record label seeking to sign exemplary artists, songwriters & bands to single or multi-song record deals, principally for compilation records and/or single song releases.

AR leans toward acquiring music that is fully developed, recorded live or in the studio, with compelling music video content being a big plus. However, rough demos with no videos are not out of the question, because, frankly, some demos have that undeniable "it" thing and AR wants to find it!

AR mostly scours YouTube for opportunities that lead to target deals where we approach copyright owners directly, to negotiate deals to acquire song publishing rights and additional rights to certain audio recordings in the studio and live, still photography, artwork, conceptual music videos, videos filmed live and more items of interest related to songs we like.

AR is principally interested in doing single song deals, but are not adverse to considering multiple songs or full albums.

AR does not rely on submissions, however AR loves song submissions for consideration from the artists, songwriters and bands themselves. Please e-mail: Submit@AnniesRecords.Com (If sending multiple songs, there is a 25 mb per e-mail maximum)

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Annie's Records is a Contrary Annie LLC company and the independent record label counterpart to Annie's Publishing, the song-publishing company.